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Disaster Will Strike 6

Crack dinosaur eggs in this new part of the puzzle game Disaster Will Strike. Use all the natural disasters to move things around, comets to destroy walls or earthquakes to get rid of earth patches. Rescue the bird eggs and think of the right answer.

Genre: skill gravity platform physics

Disaster Will Strike Defender

Use natural disasters to stop the evil dinosaur eggs from destroying the bird eggs in this new puzzle game. Create earthquakes, winds, floods and landslides to smash your enemy to pieces. Save the bird eggs from extinction and don`t let the dinosaur ones win.

Genre: skill gravity platform physics

Disaster Will Strike 4

Play the role of God in this fourth part of the puzzle game Disaster Will Strike and stop the eggs from multiplying! Destroy the dinosaur eggs using natural disasters like earthquakes and floods to move them around. Solve each level until the end and challenge yourself!

Genre: platform physics gravity skill

Disaster Will Strike 3

Let's cause more natural disasters in the third part of the puzzle game Disaster Will Strike! Crack the dinosaur eggs quickly using natural elements like earthquakes and winds that can move around items. Challenge yourself and see if you can solve each level until the end. This is a really good dino strike game.

Genre: physics skill gravity platform

Disaster Will Strike 2

Eager to cause natural disasters? Now you have the chance in a challenging puzzle game with dinosaur eggs that have to be cracked as quickly as possible. Earthquakes can destroy the glass supporting beams, wind can move round items in the desired direction. See what other natural disasters can be used to finish the levels.

Genre: skill gravity physics dino strike games

Dino Strike

A dino strike game specially for you. Your job in this action game is to clean the streets of evil thugs and henchmen, some of them armed and all of them nasty. You will also face armoured dinosaurs who you must fight in order to set them free.

Genre: action arcade fantasy adventure