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destroy the village games

Rise of the Titans 2

Play as one of the wickedly awesome monsters that has godlike powers and destroy everything in your way. Smash all your enemies, use your special skills to cause heavy damages and upgrade your mutations to become an indestructible titan.

Genre: titan enemies monster village

Shoot Em Zombies

The village has been invaded by zombies again and you must defend it by killing all the zombies with your truck. Drive down the valley and up on the hill, all the village until you kill all the zombies army. Any zombie that comes in your way must die. Drive like crazy and blood will come.

Genre: obstacle speed weapons fire

Demonrift TD

This isn't just a tower defense, it is a free online game with resources strategy and soliders battles. Instead of placing towers you are placing heroes. After conquering a village you can build useful things on it that will help you fight better, defend your village better or earn more resources. You decide what's best for your towns but before this you must destroy all enemy waves.

Genre: action build warrior adventure

Hugo Total Defender

You have to defend your base no matter what. Your base is under siege, troops are coming to take your team and conquer your village. Shot every enemy you see and upgrade your equipment after every level to keep yourself in the action elite. You can also buy a tower to defend your base and many other traps and siege weapons.

Genre: attack upgrade shooter defend

Dragon Attack

A bad king came to lead the village and people want to escape. Your dragon is the only one who can help citizens escape from the king. Use fire balls and dragon breath to kill all the enemies and help the people escape healthy from this adventure.

Genre: action evil fire adventure

Zombie Trapper

As the sheriff of Oakwood, it`s your job to protect the village from an impending swarm of zombies! Kill all of the zombies before they destroy the holy altar! Set traps or shoot them down, but don`t get into close combat or the zombies will maul you. Pick up health kits to give your health bar a boost (top left), money to purchase upgrades after each level, and ammo to gun down your enemies!

Genre: shoot action mission protect

Destroy the Village

Drive your rocket, destroy the village folks as quickly as possible, and with as few rockets as you can. This addicting game contains 24 levels (including 4 boss-levels), 4 types of rockets, different kinds of walls, cars, mechanisms and obstacles. Each rocket has its own properties like speed, fuel and power.

Genre: obstacle action fire skill

Penguin Warriors

The numens have suddenly vanished since the forest nearby the village had fired. Strange monsters occupied the entire forest and, in this action game, you have to kill them all!

Genre: attack action games destroy sword