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Billy Makin Kid

Billy Makin Kid is a tower defense game with soliders and waves of enemies coming to get them. Upgrade your towers, release more soliders and put them in key points according to the strategy you developed to defend your fortress. Be ready for every wave and move fast to improve your equipment and get the fight bigger and better.

Genre: destroy tower defense monster enemy

Star Base Defense

A tower defense game in that you have to defend your starbase against endless waves of enemies. While you don't have any towers or things of that nature to help you out you do have upgrades you can purchase after each round.

Genre: units war upgrade attack

Kill the Heroes

A free online tower defense game based on an evil genius who will kill any hero that will try to stop his desire to own the world. Place towers and upgrade them in order to kill all the heroes that will try to stop you. Act like a genius, organize your towers to cover the biggest area you can and kill those heroes.

Genre: units upgrade enemy weapons

Epic Stand

A wizard's castle has been attacked and he must defend it by casting spells on the attackers. Go through each adventure and make sure you win and the enemy won't get to the highest floor, where the wizard is. If you won't manage to curse all the enemies fast enough, they will break the doors of the castle and go upstairs doing even more damage. A free online magic game with brave wizards, powerful spells and bad enemies.

Genre: monsters battle knights upgrade

Tech and Magic

A wizard must cast magic spells to keep enemies away from the gates of his castle. Keep the wizard safe by helping him target every enemy and cast curses on them to die.

Genre: robots upgrade shop attack

Defend the Castle

Waves of soliders come every day to siege the castle and the only defender of the empire is a brave archer. You must command the archer to shoot several arrows in every zombie to kill them all and advance to the next siege day. We wonder how many days can you survive before they take you castle down. Defend the castle is a game of strategy and action, you must grow your character's level, add new talents to improve the combat power of your archer and kill zombies all the way.

Genre: upgrade arrows monsters bow

Commando Defense

A complex tower defense game with lots of upgrades and soliders. By successfully combining strategy games with tower defense, Commando Defense is an attractive game with lots of options available. Defend your base by placing towers on the battlefield and upgrade them. Make savings in the levels so you can buy access to new types of towers. After you build enough towers to defend your base, stay on the battlefield and fight like a true solider. If you feel you are losing, call enforcement troops from the base.

Genre: fire guns weapons units

City Siege 3 Jungle Siege

The third sequence of City Siege, named Jungle Siege, is one of the best action and adventure game. You start with one commando and make missions to gain money so you can develop your troops. Your army is fighting bad soliders that kidnap citizens and vips while conquering the city. Defeat them and save the innocent souls that got involved in this with no reason. Continue upgrading your troops and become bigger and better.

Genre: army military shoot weapon

Lair Y Defense

A fantasy defense action game with ninjas, robots and epic bosses. You must plan a defense strategy for every wave coming to attack the house. You got many weapons with original design and powerful attack. Your garage will take all the enemies down if they dare to come closer. Upgrade, defense and kill everyone around.

Genre: laser fire weapon cannon

Orcs vs Humans

Orcs attacked human base again in free online games so you must tower defend the main building. Place towers using a good strategy to shoot the orcs as much as you can until they approach your base. First only spend money on a one-two towers and upgrade them, after that you can spread you defense on all the map for a better security.

Genre: battle army fight strategy