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defend games

Zombie Dozen

Zombie Dozen is a great shooter game that gives you the chance to feel the thrill of action and adventure. You are a soldier behind a wall that protects you until a certain point. Don't count only on the wall, shoot and destroy the enemies before they get to you. Fire away and upgrade your weapons with each level.

Genre: weapons guns fire upgrade

Stick War 2

Stick War comes back in a new version of the awesome strategy game. Gather up the resources, build your own army and defend your Order Empire. To win the war and get to the next level you have to defeat your enemies in battles and conquer their grounds. Be brave and have fun!

Genre: attack enemy units strategy

Stack of Defense

Here is a great combination of strategy and action. Stack up blocks and towers to defend yourself, attack the bot enemies and upgrade your powers with each level.

Genre: blocks bots tower fire

Click Defense - Green Danger

Strange creatures from an unknown planet are invading your land. Defend your base, repair the building, upgrade your powers and destroy the enemies.

Genre: destroy space weapons shooter

Tesla Defense

Nicola Tesla, the electrical engineer, has to face enemies. But no worries, you can defend yourself using ground towers, anti-air towers, mines and orbital strikes. Place them carefully and upgrade your powers using the money you earned in this tower defense game.

Genre: enemy lightning ray towers

Siege of Troy

You are a good archer in the siege of Troy, you must defend the castle with your bow, throwing arrows in the enemies with accuracy and power. Use your experience points to gain more power, a better bow and other upgrades. Get ready for the siege, archer!

Genre: attack strategy bow upgrades

Planet Juicer

You are defending your planets from waves of aliens coming to conquer it. Place fighters of various types to defend your planet, use the laboratory to develop new types of equipment and make upgrades to face even more aliens.

Genre: defense upgrades action strategy

Defense Ghost 2

The haunted house must be defended because waves of bad ghosts come to attack it. Shoot every ghost, be fast and efficient in order to get over with the attack. Between waves you can upgrade your gear so the horror war can stop faster.

Genre: upgrade destroy weapons attack

Llama in Your Face

Llama in your face is a funny action game that takes place at a zoo where visitors tend to become aggresive with animals so the creatures must defend themselves. The llama decided to spit every visitor to make them go away before they can get to her.

Genre: attack animals zoo funny

Om Nom Zombies

In this shooting game Om Nom Zombies you must protect the girl against zombie attacks as long as you can. Use your super weapon and shoot all the zombies from the distance. The more zombies you destroy, the better your equipment gets. Pick up the power-ups to last longer.

Genre: fire monsters weapons attack