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Crusade 2

The castle siege begun and you have to kill the monsters by shooting them. Develop a strategy based on the amo given for every level and destroy your enemy with as few shots as you can. If you kill everyone using only one shot you will get the gold medal for that level. Try to get as many medals as you can in every mission.

Genre: action puzzle kill adventure


Crusade is another Crush the Castle-type physics game. Aim and fire your cannon to knock over structures and kill the monsters standing on them. A popular crusade game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: puzzle kill adventure action

Cursed Cave Crusade

Another game from the crusade game category. Jump between platforms, avoid traps, fight enemies and collect coins through this challenging action game and help Will Turner to save Elizabeth Swann!

Genre: collect action games platform arcade

Crusader Tank

Get to the end of the level destroying as many enemy units on your way as possible. Pick up bonuses and health packs - they are going to help you on your mission!

Genre: battle shooter games tank war