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Cover Orange Space

Make sure the fruit is protected from the deadly rain. Use your MOUSE to place all objects and wait for the cloud to pass by.

Genre: orange cover adventure protect

Cover Orange: Journey Gangsters

The adventurous orange time traveled to the 1920`s, but his new enemy is a gangster cloud that seeks to destroy our hero. Create shelter for the funny fruit with crates and change mechanisms to get him to a safer place, so the acid rain won`t reach him.

Genre: gravity funny physics puzzle

Cover Orange: Wild West

Another game from the cover orange game category. The acid rain has reached even the Wild West and it's threatening to destroy everything in the way once more. Use the objects you have to create a strong structure that will protect the oranges from the deadly cloud. Sometimes you have to move objects placing explosives in key point, use this in your advantage and help the oranges survive in each level of the puzzle game.

Genre: puzzle physics funny gravity

Cover Orange: Journey Pirates

The acid rain is about to wipe out the whole city once more. After being a brave knight, this sweet orange decided to be a pirate and face any kind of danger. Cover the orange in the new puzzle game and collect the golden stars, pirates are all about getting the rewards! This cover orange game is really worth playing.

Genre: gravity puzzle physics funny

Cover Orange: Journey Knights

The deadly rain is back and the fruits need your help once more! Help them stay safe and build up the best cover using objects. Collect the stars for a better score and have fun completing each level of the great puzzle game.

Genre: funny gravity physics puzzle

Cover Orange Players Pack 3

Don't let the fruits be afraid of the acid rain. Use objects to build a shelter around apples and oranges in order to keep them safe from the acid clouds. A great puzzle game that will challenge you for hours.

Genre: physics funny cover orange games puzzle

Cover Orange Players Pack 2

Use your great puzzle solving skills to cover the orange players. If they get touched by the acid rain they will melt. Place every piece of wood like a puzzle to make a closed space where the orange players can avoid rain.

Genre: physics funny puzzle gravity

Cover Orange PP

Here is the first home-made player pack with the best selected levels for the game Cover Orange. The pack featured a carefull selection of 80 fun levels to pack together. The difficulty of these player pack levels is higher than in the original Cover Orange games. Can you beat all 80 levels?

Genre: gravity puzzle games physics block

Cover Orange 2

A cover orange game specially for you. Cover Orange is back, bringing more angry clouds and plenty of ways to defend against them. Save your orange smiley from the toxic rain as you build roofs for them in this brilliant physics puzzle game!

Genre: block physics puzzle games gravity

Cover Orange

The evil cloud is dropping killer raindrops! Cover the smiley orange by placing blocks to create a roof in this great physics-based puzzle game! Can you beat all 20 puzzling levels?

Genre: gravity puzzle games block physics