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Connect The Gems

Genre: owl gems match connect

Space Chasers

Genre: match3 line matching match

FGP Mahjong

Another game from the connect 2 game category. Play Classic Mahjong in Fun Game Play Mahjong. Match mahjong stones and clear each of the many levels. ADDED

Genre: connect fun mahjong

Krismas Mahjong

Krismas Mahjong is a Christmas Version of Kris Mahjong. A very popular Mahjong game. Connect the mahjong pieces in KrisMas Mahjong. Clear the board by removing all pairs of identical tiles.

Genre: kristoff connect2 connect-2 connect

Twisted City

Today we have a new connect 2 game. Connect the road in Twisted City! A game inspired by Plumber Game. Rotate pieces and solve many of the challenging puzzles.

Genre: buildings roads car games city

Farm Connect

Connect the pets in this fun Farm Connect game. Match all the identical mahjong tiles.

Genre: animals skill strategy mahjong

8 Gears

8 Gears is a challenging puzzle game in which you must move objects to make circuits complete again.

Genre: connect circuit logic gears

Jelly Madness

Yet another connect 2 game! Jelly Madness is an awesome Match-3 game. You must connect the as much Jellies as you can! There are happy, amazed, angry and evil jellies. Connect the jellies of the same color and beat each challenging level. The levels will increase with difficulty. In some levels you must get rid of bombs, tiles or jellies of a specific color. Have fun with this great puzzle game!

Genre: html5 puzzle match 3 jelly

Super Sticky Stacker

Yet another connect 2 game! Super Sticky Stacker is a fun stacking game in which you have to stick the blocks to each other rather than stacking them up. Can you connect all the sticky blocks without dropping them?

Genre: challenge fall creatures stack


Connect the dots in this fun dots game. A game about connecting the objectives.

Genre: pattern connect dots skills