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Meowfia Evolution

Genre: combine games mafia simulation fuse

Make Me 10

Combine numbers and Make 10! Move numbers to the ring to make ten. Enough successive combinations will advance you the next stage.

Genre: numbers ten sum up

Mahjong Titans

Today we have a new combine game. Combine two of the same mahjong stones to play them off the field. Enjoy this classic!

Genre: matching game puzzle brain


Do you want to be a math wizard? Then prepare to merge tiles of identical numbers until you get 2048. Make sure you always have two tiles of the same number so that you can win this super addictive game.

Genre: combine tiles numbers merge

Crazy Racers

The farm is a perfect setting for the racers in this awesome sport game! Use your skills to drive a tractor, defeat your enemies and destroy everything that stands in your way. You'll get to collect pumpkins and many other bonuses that will help you stay in the competition and as you go further you will be able to unlock a combine or even a destroyer for the next race.

Genre: destroy farm cars combine games

Color Joy 2

An amazing journey with colorful shapes is waiting for you! There are many fun obstacles you must overcome in this puzzle game. Destroy the objects in order to combine the shapes and reach the exit. Don't forget to collect the golden stars!

Genre: obstacles objects physics gravity

Monster Craft

Get into the arena and win the battles against evil monsters. Make a first stop at the craft lab to create your own scary creatures and then fight the other teams. After each victory, spend the money on upgrades and combine the DNA genes in order to make your army more powerful. The hunting area is helpful if you run out of money, but be careful, you have to face powerful monsters there too. One of the latest combine games.

Genre: champion army dna robots

Deep Sea Hunter

Dive into the ocean as a submarine and explore the underwater. Beware of the enemies, destroy them and collect the rewards in order to upgrade your missiles. Deep Sea Hunter is a great game that combines together adventure and action, so have fun!

Genre: dive explore missiles destroy


Hitman fights bandits in the wild west and you must help him shoot the enemies. Use as few bullets as you can by killing more than one bandit with one bullet. Find a solution to combine objects found in the level with your weapon and make them work for you, killing the bandits.

Genre: cowboy wild west eliminate bandits


A puzzle game with expressive fruits and cool graphics. Set a plan to land a fruit on another so they can combine, crash and give you points. Make sure you clear all the fruits in every level so you can advance in this fruits puzzle.

Genre: funny gravity destroy physics