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Coaster Racer 3

Feel the adrenaline pumping as you go up and down on a breathtaking race track. Everything is dynamic and realistic, get ready to drive on railways, into dangerous tunnels, without falling off. The objective of this sport game is to be in the front row at the finish line. Upgrade your acceleration, nitro, breaks and other elements of your car if you want to get ahead of the game. Let's see if you can make it until the end.

Genre: championship nitro coaster games turbo

Coaster Racer

Your task in this fun 3D racing game which takes place on a series of roller-coaster tracks is to pit your driving skills against other top notch drivers. You race against 16 opponents over insane roller coaster tracks and you must finish in the qualifying position to unlock the next track. Use cash to upgrade your car.

Genre: car games opponent 3D games champion

Rollercoaster Creator

We found for you a new coaster game. Build your own roller coasters, collect all the coins and earn thrill coins by making your track more sensational!

Genre: build track roller adventure games