Recommended cargo games (18 results)

cargo games

Train Raiders

Your mission is to guard the train from a dangerous mob of raiders with a machine gun. Get ready to take on the bad guys and to throw grenades whenever they are getting too close to the cargo. Destroy the evil raiders and upgrade your skills to survive their attacks.

Genre: upgrades kill enemies adventure

Coal Express 5

The fifth version of coal express came with old school trains that carry coal on hills. Command the train carefully so you won't lose the load and deliver it at the end of every level. Free online train games can be fun if you are a patient player.

Genre: wagon factory transport drive

Truck Loader 2

In free online car games you must handle a truck loader and move fast so it can deliver the cargo. Your truck loader is a very easy to use robot that will help you grab de cargo and put it into the truck. You will know where to place the boxes because the area is highlighted. Also, some levels are a little bit more difficult because they go buttons that cause unpredicted actions and can ruin your level. Pay attention to every move.

Genre: driver magnet robot car games

Mad Mine Truck

The mad mine truck is running around transporting coal in free online games. Drive the big truck though obstacles and take the cargo to the destination without losing anything of it or damaging the car. Be as fast as you can and get as safe as you can, even if you are a mad mine truck.

Genre: transport skill obstacle drive

Hell Driver

Start up the engine and drive the hell truck to the destination. Don’t let the skulls to fall from your truck. You have to drive safe on your bumpy way. Reach the destination in short time and register a good score.

Genre: obstacle deliver drive cargo

Bazooki a Silent Affair

Use your bazooka to destroy the TNT cargo. Be careful, you do not have to touch any active bomb, you don’t want to restart the level. Be smart and work with some background elements when you have obstacles in your way.

Genre: explosion destroy puzzle skill

Cargo Master 2

Now you have the chance to work on the docks. Load the boxes in the truck, drive it on a bumpy road keeping the boxes safe and unload at delivery point. Than you got to carefully handle another machine to arrange the boxes. Solve every level and use your driving skills.

Genre: truck sports deliver crane

Pizza Truck

Start the pizza truck and drive it safely to the destination. Do not loose the load even you have to face a bumpy ride. Complete the level in a good time to recive bonus points when you hit the finish line. Don’t let down your employ, prove them you are a good driver.

Genre: transport track drive obstacle

Alien Truck

Transport the alien load to the primary base. Drive careful and avoid obstacles. You must respect a deadline to recieve more bonus points. Be careful, the load is extremely valuable and it is the main bonus for every level.

Genre: skill drive cargo sports

Tractor Mania

Start the tractor, attach the trail and drive on the hard tracks. On your way try to collect bonus stars but you have to mentain your load unharmed. Use your skill and control the tractor. Get ready for some hard tracks and new levels sprinkled with high hills and other obstacles.

Genre: sports deliver skill cargo