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Kitty Cards

A very fun cards game.

Genre: multiplayer board card kitty

Ez Mahjong

Genre: card matching strategy brain

Uno Heroes

A popular cards game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: strategy uno logic desk

Clash Of Warlord Orcs

Genre: lanes royal orc strategy

4 Colours

Genre: multiplayer uno cards

Stratego Win or Lose

Choose Higher or Lower and battle the Stratego cards. Which card will win or lose? Red or blue? One of the latest cards games.

Genre: cards red strategy blue

Sky Chasers

Explore a magical world in a cardboard box, starring Max. By collecting coins throughout the levels they can pilot and unlock different ships. Fight against unique enemies and complete challenges to prove you are a true Sky Chaser!

Genre: ship obstacles challenge enemies

Jump Out the Box

Help these funny looking bugs get out of the box! Find ways to escape the cardboard labyrinth and launch the critters in the right direction. Make them float, knock down sugar cubes and collect stars for a high score. Jump from one room to another and out of the box!

Genre: labyrinth funny bugs collect

Kitten Raiders

Kittens are attacking your military base, so get ready to fight back! Select the right cards to place weapons in position, shuffle the deck to get better ones and protect the base. Unlock new cards after each mission completed and defeat the kitten waves!

Genre: defense animals base waves

The Great Bazooki

Join the magician Bazooki in an unforgettable show with cards and balloons. Throw the cards and pop all the balloons, teleport yourself from one place to another and show the public what you are capable of. Don't let any obstacles get in the way of your success, the show must go on! A popular cards game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: gravity trick cards show