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Gifts Pusher 2

Gifts are always the fun part of holidays. In this beautiful Christmas game you need to place the presents where they belong, using a piece of candy. Use your skills and knowledge to resolve the colorful puzzle.

Genre: gifts presents christmas physics

Fort Blaster - Ahoy There

Some rival pirates, a powerful cannon and a fortress in the middle of the sea, ready to be demolished. These are the ingredients of Fort Blaster - Ahoy There, a free adventure game that will challenge your ability to setup a cannon and shoot pirates.

Genre: explosion cannon enemy bombs

A Pig in a Poke

You must save the kitten by shooting the cannon ball or sometimes the kitty into the rescue bag. Use your abillity to solve puzzles in order to get the right solution. You can break things with your mouse and you can set the cannon and shoot it.

Genre: animals funny physics gravity


Weirdo is a free puzzle game with zombies. Get ready to eliminate zombies from the game by setting the angle of the cannon and the power of the shot. Release the mouse button and shoot exactly in the enemy area.

Genre: lava enemy skill fire

Da Vinci Cannon 2

You must kill your enemies with the Da Vinci Cannon. Set the power of the cannon and try to reach your target. If you fail, you must reset the cannon and try again until you finally hit all the enemies in the level.

Genre: buildings structure cannon fire

Bieb Blaster 2

Bieb Blaster 2 is a free action game in which you have to shoot Justin Bieber. Find the right angle and force to target Bieber with your grenade launcher. You might have to shoot some other objects to clear the way, be smart!

Genre: destroy skill explosion target

Desert Storm

Desert Storm is an action and yet a puzzle game with bombs, tanks and a war to finish. Get busy demolishing and killing your enemies by shooting bombs from your tank. The desert buildings will fall and the enemies will get killed.

Genre: structure skill castle explosion

Michel Saves the World 2

Michel saves the world and the ocean from bad pirates. You will fight against them face to face and the best shall win. Make sure you fire the cannon precisely and powerful into the enemy's ship in order to crash it before the pirate destroys your ship.

Genre: skill physics water destroy

Zombies vs Vampires

Zombies are fighting vampires for supremacy, for the first time we are on the zombie's side. You must push the zombie into the vampire so he can transform into a zombie. If the position makes it impossible for them to touch, just make sure the vampire gets out of the game screen.

Genre: gravity physics destroy enemy


Mortarific is an online puzzle game that will challenge you to estimate the angle and the needed force to hit your enemy perfectly. The area of damage is very low so you must hit on target.

Genre: enemy skill destroy terrorists