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Coastal Cannon

The island is being under attack by pirates! Take control of the battle and use your cannon to destroy the buildings and structures where the enemies stay hidden. Set the right angle, shoot bombs with the right power and have some fun figuring out how to win the puzzle game.

Genre: destroy bombs explosive fire

Cut the Monster

Cut The Monster is a puzzle game that tests your power of observation and skill right from the very beginning. The objective is to cut all the monsters using the laser cannon. Try to be as creative as possible and use the objects in your advantage if you want to find the best solution. The golden stars will get you a high score, now get ready to destroy some monsters!

Genre: funny destroy fire cannon

Super Invaders

Earth is in the target of aliens once more, they are threatening to destroy everything. Use the weapons you have to kill the enemies or else the planet is doomed. The golden coins are essential in this shooter game because they can help you increase health, moving and turret speed. Powerful guns like rockets, cannons and lasers will turn out useful too further on in your battle with these alien forces.

Genre: invaders gun alien weapons

Tower Breaker

Your castle is being attacked, my Lord! You don't have many soldiers left, the only chance at winning the war is to use the cannon yourself. Aim and shoot the towers to destroy those barbarians who invaded the land. This one can be tricky because the cannonballs are limited. Try to figure out the weak spots on the buildings first if you want to be more efficient in the puzzle game.

Genre: soldier king breakable objects cannon

Kitt's Kingdom

The Canine Empire ravaged the feline land, but there is one hope left. Kitt is a sergeant of the army and he has the mission to save the city. Help him shoot the dogs and puppies, then upgrade the base and weapons in order to be prepared for the next attacks. Who is going to win the battle in this shooter game, cats or dogs?

Genre: dog tower cat upgrades

Caribbean Admiral

You are in a war against pirates and scary ghost ships so take charge and win the dangerous battles. Take a look on the map to travel at sea from one place to another, use cannons, gun powder or dynamite to kill the enemies and finish your quest. Upgrades, trades and new ships will help strengthen your attack and increase your chances of winning the action game.

Genre: battle fleet pirates enemy

Max Damage 3

Meet Max and help him destroy the valuable objects in a new puzzle game. He is armed with a large cannon and has a limited number of shots. Aim and break TVs, office supplies and expensive artwork, do as much damage as possible!

Genre: target physics objects cannon

Canoniac Launcher 2

A robot crashes into a satellite in space and now he has to find the way back home. He lands on a planet where he meets some weird creatures that he can use as cannons. Set the right angle and power to launch and collect the bonuses in this new action game. The distance, height and speed will be properly rewarded, use the money wisely on upgrades like helicopters, power fields or rockets.

Genre: cannon skill throw catapult

Monsters Mega Packer

Fill the boxes with colorful monsters using the cannon. Change the mechanisms to clear the road and eat the cherries for a better score. Keep in mind that you have a limited number of monsters, don't waste them before figuring out the right solution for the puzzle game.

Genre: box physics gravity cannon

Parking Hooligan 2

In this fun puzzle game the whole purpose is to destroy the cars, garbage cans and phone booths in the city and get fines. Be a bad driver and figure out how to reach all the platforms and crash everything that stands in your way. The bigger the fines, the better the player!

Genre: physics crash vehicles funny