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Tiny King

The king`s cake has been stolen while he was asleep and now he must find out who did it! Join our hero on an amazing adventure and help him find the keys to unlock the portal. Change mechanisms to move objects and look for the broken pieces of a golden key. Have fun in this new puzzle game discovering the right solution for the adventurous king!

Genre: objects physics portal mechanisms

Gift Rush 3

Help a spider deliver a delicious piece of cake to its child in this new puzzle game. Move the funny creature from one place to another by using its web and get rid off all the objects that stand in its way. Make sure the spider doesn`t eat the cake before it takes it to the kid and avoid the sticky webs on the walls so that it won`t get stuck.

Genre: spider obstacles solve web

Die for a Lie

The cat in this super awesome shooter game is about to kill all the bugs and monsters that even thought about eating her delicious cake. Prepare yourself beacuse this is going to get ugly! Shoot the bugs using weapons, buy new ones, upgrade your powers and go into fury mode if needed. Use your skills to clear the area, but don't get too heroic. You don't want to die before winning a fight!

Genre: guns skills weapons upgrades

Cake Master

Your task in this fun game is to help Jessica, who likes to bake cakes a lot, make career and become chief cook.

Genre: adventure games career cook bake

Cake Shop

In this game you run a sort of cafe where you make cakes and serve them to the clients along with other things. If you earn enough money, you'll start the next day with a new piece of equipment.

Genre: costumer restaurant job adventure games

Moglin Punter

Kick a cute little fuzzy creature around obstacles, monsters, bouncers, trampolines and try to collect cookies and reach the cake!

Genre: action games adventure games creature cake games

Pie Craving

Get all the fruits and cakes to get to the upper levels.

Genre: forest action games collect adventure games