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Run Bunny Run!

Genre: bunny reaction runner jump and run

Bunny Egg Destroyer

Another game from the bunny game category. Our little bunny needs your help to destroy all the eggs using bombs and other powers. If you are a match 3 type fan, this will be your perfect game where you have to tap on more than 3 look-alike eggs to destroy them. If you tap a 4-egg group, you will gain some powers like big or small bombs, line destroyers, and color destroyers. If you will need to buy some powers, you can use our in-game shop! Let's see how many levels you can finish and what score you will have!

Genre: easter games bunny games bejeweled games match 3 games

Carrot Rush

This bunny had a close encounter of the third kind and aliens swiped all his carrots. He got himself into a fun adventure and he has to travel a long distance to collect his meals back. Draw trampolines to make him hop as high as you can and complete the missions for rewards.

Genre: aliens trampoline collect carrots

Bunny Cannon

Today we have a new bunny game. Aim and launch bunnies of different colors using a cannon in this puzzle game. Make them multiply matching a different color and then collect them into baskets. The pink ones go into pink baskets, the blue ones into blue baskets and both of the colors go into brown baskets. You have a limited number of bunnies you can launch so try not to waste them.

Genre: collide bunnies launch basket

Angel of the Battlefield 2

A pink, cute bunny is the angel of the battlefield, taking injured bunny soldiers to the battlefield improvised hospital. An adventure game that might also be played by puzzle gamers because sometimes you gotta find the right solution to get your soliders to the hospital in Angel of the Battlefield 2.

Genre: bombs hero rabbit save

Angel of the Battlefield

The angel of the battlefield helps injured soliders get to the medical area. Move the little bunny, the angel of the battlefield and get him to an injured solider, pick up the sick bunny and than take him to the hospital tent. Drop him there and get back on the battlefield for more injured army men. One of the latest bunny games.

Genre: save hero rabbit bombs

Karate Challenge

Help Bugs Bunny to defeat all the opponents an win the annual Karate tournament! A popular bunny game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: action games fight martial arts fighter

Highway To Bunny Heaven

Dodge the traffic while collecting eggs with matching patterns. The more you can get it in a row the higher the binus. Touch an egg with a different pattern to swap your current one.

Genre: action games car adventure games old