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In Fun Game Play Bubbleshooter you must shoot all the bubbles on the screen and clear the bubble field.

Genre: skills combo bubbles cannon

Bubble Charms

Match and create charming bubble combos in this new colorful puzzle arcade game! Change the color of the bubble when you think it doesn't go in one place and get the highest score!

Genre: match combo skills arcade

Drop Me!

Small colorful creatures need your help to reach the tube safely! Pick the right moment to pop the bubbles in which the creatures are trapped so they can fall into the tube. Drop each character to their matching colorful destination and collect all the strawberries for a high score. Remove unwanted platforms from the way, use bombs and portals to move them to their final destination and watch out for the evil creatures.

Genre: strawberry creatures bombs ricochet

Paint Land

Paint Land is under attack from a black paint that wants to dominate the colorful landscape, and now the blue blobs must fight back. Create armies of paint droplets to defeat the evil color and generate as many units as you can to capture enemy bases. Make enough paint blobs to take into the rescue tube and Paint Land will saved from the black paint.

Genre: units colors bubbles conquer

Touch the Bubbles 4

One of the most fun puzzle games ever is back with new challenges and levels! Pop all the bubbles using the mouse and avoid the red obstacles. Some mazes can be quite tricky, use your skills and try to think out of the box if you want to figure out the right solution.

Genre: obstacle wall avoid skill

Crest Breakout

Help a brave chicken regain his freedom in a new puzzle game with fun challenges. He is trapped in a bubble and the road is full of dangerous spikes that can hurt him. Use the fans to guide the little one safely to the exit and try to collect all the golden eggs for a high score.

Genre: fans funny chicken eggs

Spaceman vs Monsters

Rescue your fellow spacemen for they were abducted by the nasty space monsters. You mustn't be afraid because you are fully equipped with weapons. Use your deadly dagger to chop these monsters and your bubble gun for even more power.

Genre: skill guns weapons shoot

Roly Poly Eliminator 2

Use the mouse to strategical move various objects and eliminate every creature from every level. Brake the bubbles, activate the bombs or push the creatures in traps and solve the puzzles. Use your handling and your logical skills to advance to the next levels.

Genre: violent strategy roly poly logical


Use the bubbles to bring down as many birds as you can. Every level became harder so you have to use your handling and patience. You have to complete every levels in order to advance to the next adventure.

Genre: skill balloons bubbles funny


The summer is on so load your water pistol to break every bubble on the beach. Use this sunny day to shoot with water on single or auto fire to eliminate every target. Use the elements from background to complete the levels so bring out the handling and the puzzle solving skills.

Genre: puzzle funny gun skill