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Gold Miner Bros

Genre: miner adventure gold arcade

Alien Bros

An alien ship has discovered a planet made out of candy and its crew wants to eat all of it! Help the funny extraterrestrials devour the delicious treats and get back to their spaceship. Play with different types of aliens that can jump, fly, explode or change shape and collect all the candy.

Genre: physics funny candy space

Furry Brothers

These brothers have to get their ball back and they need your help. Figure out which objects to break, collect stars and make sure that Pichu catches the ball. Aim at the brick you want to get rid of and shoot, plan the course of the ball so that it lands where the furry brother is.

Genre: platform boys break ball

Money Movers 2

The two escaped brothers are on a new mission, saving their father from prison, and they need your help to carry out their plan. Control the movements of each brother and use their special abilities to reach the exit. Collect money bags, avoid getting caught by the guards and save the father.

Genre: prison obstacles abilities gravity

Fractured 3

Help two lost kids find their way to their parents in this sequel of the unique puzzle game. Guide the children through a broken labyrinth, jump on platforms and reach the final destination. Figure out what the right solution is when the landscape is upside down so that our heroes don`t fall into the lava and escape this broken world.

Genre: gravity logic physics unique

Tiny King

The king`s cake has been stolen while he was asleep and now he must find out who did it! Join our hero on an amazing adventure and help him find the keys to unlock the portal. Change mechanisms to move objects and look for the broken pieces of a golden key. Have fun in this new puzzle game discovering the right solution for the adventurous king!

Genre: portal objects mechanisms physics

Mr. Splibox

A true hero must help the little Splibox rescue their brothers from the hand of an evil pirate. Go through fun levels that will test your physics skills and create Spliboxes to get to the portal. Dangerous enemies are lurking everywhere so be careful of their attacks and make sure the square gets to its destination safe. Collect the coin to have a perfect score and have fun outsmarting the bad guys.

Genre: adventure platform skills clone

Money Movers

Two brothers plan their escape from prison after being mistreated by the guards over a won basketball game. Control both brothers and use their special abilities to reach the exit. One of them is faster, the other a lot stronger, together they are perfect match! Collect the money, watch out for guards, lasers and prisoners and you’ll be out in no time.

Genre: abilities gravity obstacles prison

Calabash Bros

The Calabash brothers are facing great danger in this new action game. Their lands are being invaded by hoardes of monsters and they needs someone to help them build tower defenses. Are you up for it? Let's kill some enemies using strategic points to place magic towers, freezing towers and barracks that can build up a powerful army. Upgrade your powers and prepare to rule the land.

Genre: attack warrior monsters build

Zombudoy 2 - The Holiday

Santa Claus brought you loads of presents this year, but the horrible zombies didn't get anything. Now they are coming to steal your gifts, so defend your Christmas tree and don't let them get away! You can fight the zombies using snowballs, but also shooting them with powerful guns or bombs. Have fun destroying the greedy monsters!

Genre: collect gifts weapons destroy