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Brave Kings

Destroy the castles. Kill every king and make them all fear you. Use your mouse to aim the castle and try to destroy it as soon as you can to collect bonus points. Buy upgrades and make your gun bigger and more efficent. Prepare for the next levels.

Genre: adventure gravity action physics

All We Need Is Brain 2

This time we won’t use only guns and violence...we will use brain. Our brain to solve every puzzle and other brains to trap the zombies. Make them fall, shoot them and eliminate them to advance to the next level. Try to collect the bonus coins if you want to receive brainy congratulations.

Genre: death kill destroy grave


Blow up zombies by throwing with grenades. Sometimes you`ll need to throw the grenade somewhere else for a strategy that will finally kill the zombie. Don`t kill the survivors and protect them from zombies and grenades. Use your brain before throwing grenades here and there... you got a limited number.

Genre: explosion action weapon bomb

Codename Balistic

You are the last survivor after your convoy was catched in a trap and unfortunately you are just a driver. You got to save the mission using all the available guns because you turned into a brave soldier who is shooting enemies around and destroying everything in it`s way. You got a codename now and you have to respect the orders of your superiors by advancing in the battle and unlocking new weapons.

Genre: fire attack action adventure

All We Need Is Brain

All they want is smelly brain, you can use this to get rid of this ugly zombies. Place the brains near them and make a strategy to kill every zombie as it comes out. Sometimes you will need bullets and a fire gun to eliminate the creature. Do anything it`s necessary to kill all the zombies.

Genre: death destroy grave kill

Gibbets 2 Level Pack

Shoot the ropes to save the innocent people being hanged in a brand new set of Gibbets levels. Hurry though, and be careful not to miss!

Genre: adventure robin action arrow

Moonster Safe

A fun puzzle game with 25 different brain teasing levels to solve. Select a stage you wish to play from the Main Menu. Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Use clues to solve puzzles and open each Moonster Safe. Open them all to complete the game!

Genre: animals funny unlock puzzle

Flaming Zombooka

Test out your brand new bazooka on some unsuspecting zombies! Kill all of the zombies in each stage by launching as few rockets as possible.

Genre: action arcade rocket funny

Zombie School Defense

The undead zombie hordes(the bad zombies) are taking over the city! Take refuge on the roof of your school and bring out the big guns to defeat those brainless dolts in this fun defense shooter. Use your cash to buy better guns as you play.

Genre: horde rampage action shooter

Perfect Balance 3

Perfect Balance 3 is the third part of Perfect Balance addicting and challenging physics based puzzle games series. Can you balance all of the brand new shapes in sixty new levels? The objective is as always to drop all the shapes on the stage without letting any of them fall.

Genre: puzzle cube friction ball