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Crazy Real Haircuts

Be a creative hairdresser in your own bedroom and create crazy real haircuts. Trim hair, cut it and paint it in many colors to get the an original and crazy look. You can make haircuts for girls and boys so there are no bounderies in your creativity as a crazy hairdresser. Maybe you will come on our facebook page to show us your creation. For even more fun, you can try the 7th title of the series, Barbie Real Haircuts.

Genre: real coiffeur hairstyle kids

Ultimate Mama's Boy

If you can handle all this mob waves you are the master of the every fire gun in the world. Kill all the enemies and stay strong until you earn enough money to afford a better weapon to kill even more enemies in the next wave.

Genre: attack upgrade shooter action

Quest for Power

It is the year 867 A.D. and you play the part of a young boy called Arthur, who dreams of being King! Help Arthur create and command an army to defeat 7 kings and queens who rule the land! Use your powerful catapult to hurl boulders and magical potions at the enemies armies and defenses!

Genre: attack action games king defense

Who Bob What Pants

You're CheeseHead, and you have to trap the Bubble Poppin Boys in your bubbles and get rid them!

Genre: pop attack action games enemy

Papa Louie

Try to find your way out of the pizza world and save the pizza delivery boy from the monsters.

Genre: adventure games arcade action games platform