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boys games

Furry Brothers

These brothers have to get their ball back and they need your help. Figure out which objects to break, collect stars and make sure that Pichu catches the ball. Aim at the brick you want to get rid of and shoot, plan the course of the ball so that it lands where the furry brother is.

Genre: platform ball break boys

Pajama Boy 3

Pajama boy returns home only to find out it was destroyed and his family is nowhere to be found, will you help him save them? Jump to incredible heights, duck when dangerous obstacles stand in your way, and make sure you get the key, so that you can free the prisoner. Join pajama boy in his adventure and reunite him with his family!

Genre: adventure platform family obstacles

Erline 4: The Limbo

Erline is lost in the limbo and seeks escape, will you help him? Collect all the needed keys to unlock the door and guide the boy in this strange adventure without falling into traps. Use his special power to create shadows to climb high places and avoid dangerous obstacles so Erline can be free again.

Genre: boy physics unlock gravity

Bazooka Boy 2

A great adventure awaits you in this new and exciting action game that marks the return of bazooka boy. Customize the hero`s appearance to begin the journey into the dark labyrinth. Destroy bricks, detonate explosives and change the bazooka`s properties to help the boy collect all the gold. Watch out for the skull bricks or he will die and the level will start from where you left off.

Genre: shoot blocks enemies weapons

Pandesal Boy

When a creature of darkness strikes, the world can be turned upside down. In Pandesal Boy everything changed, even the roads that were once safe. Switch the platforms and make your way through a dangerous labyrinth. At times you can use the cannon to cross through big distances, but beware of the lava and ice platforms. They can be deadly, good luck solving the puzzle game!

Genre: cannon physics adventure gravity

Good Daddy 2

Another day going to school, another great adventure! Your kid needs to get into class, but he can't go on the dangerous streets of the city without his dad. Change the father's shape to help the boy reach the exits safe and enjoy the new levels of the puzzle game.

Genre: shape transform logical skill

Dyna Boy

If you are a big fan of dynamite and explosions you have to try this fun action game. Dyna Boy needs to escape from one complicated cave, full of enemies and obstacles that can be destroyed only with TNT. Collect the precious stones for a bigger score, find your way to the secret passages and see where the adventure takes you.

Genre: cave enemy explosion dynamite

Accurate Boy

Mean monsters trapped your toy in the sewers and you have to get it back using your plunger gun. Remove the monster blocks strategically, use explosives and find a way to release the small pirate ship. The faster you are, the bigger your score will be. Teach those monsters a lesson, this is one great puzzle game you can’t miss!

Genre: logical gravity plunger gun gun

The War Cry

The viking king decided to give out his throne to a younger boy. You must face the goblins using melee, distance and magic attacks while gathering gold from the mine. In every mission there is a new target to make but the main objective is to kill the goblins using your army. Make sure you can heal your army before you go into the goblin base, you need mana and a certain magic upgrade to do so.

Genre: war spell units magic

Brave Boy

A brave boy is going to save the kitty of his friend facing dangerous enemies on his tricycle. Make tricks, get over enemies and try to go as far as you can in order to make money so you can upgrade your equipment. When your tricycle is ready to go far away and face all the enemies, go find the little kitty.

Genre: tricycle tricks obstacle upgrade