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Angry Pirates

The sea was doomed to be populated by angry pirates that fight for every piece of the ocean. You are part of a bigger crew of bad, angry pirates that dream to conquer the sea and rule it some day. Help them destroy other pirate's ships and kill their navigation crew so you can grow your influence over the sea. A puzzle physics game with pirates is always welcomed before summer.

Genre: ocean battle ship sea

Angry Alamo

Some mexican bandits got your girls and yodevelop a strategy to rescue them in this physics puzzle game. Throw stones and bombs to demolish the buildings that hide the bandits. When the structures collapse, the kidnappers get caught in there and die.

Genre: skill bombs building physics

Mario Gun

Mario is equipped with a powerful hand cannon that will help him put down enemies. The game play is similar to Angry Birds so you must calculate the angle of the cannon, the power you will shoot with and the weak point of your enemies. When everything is set, release the bomb from the cannon so Mario can with those bad guys and get to the next level.

Genre: angry birds destroy mushroom kingdom

Angel of the Battlefield

The angel of the battlefield helps injured soliders get to the medical area. Move the little bunny, the angel of the battlefield and get him to an injured solider, pick up the sick bunny and than take him to the hospital tent. Drop him there and get back on the battlefield for more injured army men.

Genre: bombs rabbit hero save

Jungle Wars

Jungle wars with soliders against pirates. You must find a way to kill your pirate enemies with grenades that explode in a couple of seconds after throwing them. Some levels have hidden solutions so you must look for objects to detonate, buttons to push with bombs and other such things in order to clear your way to the enemy. The jungle can be dangerous so get prepared for the worst, the war can be hard to manage.

Genre: grenade soldier fire island

Pirates of the Stupid Seas

The pirates of the stupid seas are attacking some brand new ships full of fish and money to be taken. You must target the enemies and launch bombs to crash their ship and capture the crew.

Genre: ship skill captain upgrade

Greedy Pirates

In free online pirates games we must introduce you to the greedy thief of the sea. Help the pirates get every treasure and finish levels. You must be wise and combine different actions, pass the ball to other pirate, explode some wood that is getting in your way and many others. The main objective of the game is to get the ball to the pirate's treasure, no matter what you have to do for it. A great puzzle game with beautiful landscapes and characters.

Genre: fire physics aim skill

Building Demolisher

A great action and physics game that will challenge your abilities to order your actions. You must place different kinds of bombs at the right distance and angle in order to demolish buildings. One bomb can demolish glass and explode, another is strong enough to demolish a brick wall while other contaminate wood with a bacteria that spreads on all surrounding wood elements of the building. Make sure you demolish all the building until nothing remains on the screen, otherwise you won't pass the level.

Genre: puzzle physics destroy balls

Cats Cannon

Very similar to Angry Birds, Cats Cannon is a game about throwing angry cats to kill bad dogs. A funny yet hard to master game that will make you wish one more level every time. Select a cat, put it into the cannon, adjust the angle of shooting to target the dogs area and than release the cat.

Genre: physics funny animals attack

Crash the Robot Explosive Edition

In this great free online puzzle game your task is kill the robot in a very creative way using killer mechanisms. To do this you will need to place a various mechanisms and buttons around the level. Strategically place them to find the perfect route to kill him. Once you have placed it where you would like it, click start. The quicker you complete the level the higher score you will get.

Genre: funny destroy physics mechanisms