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Greed for Coins

Money means everything for this greedy alien so the goal of this puzzle game is to make him as rich as possible. Move the objects in the right way and collect all the golden coins. Sometimes you can even use bombs to make the creature roll where you want him to. Things can get really fun!

Genre: money collect gold gravity

Nature Strikes Back

People can really harm the planet's natural environment, Nature Strikes Back is a shooting game with plants that kill gas mask guys that are responsible for the pollution. You must kill the careless bad people using your carnivorous plant bombs. In the meantime you can also try to collect some nature-gems. Have fun killing environment irresponsible citizens!

Genre: guns plants fire tnt

Dead Paradise 2

Paradise is now nothing more than a place filled with blood, enemies and deadly weapons. The only chance to survive is evacuation to Zone 51, but you need to get out of town first. Raiders, barrels and bombers are chasing you in this apocalyptic scenario, drive with full speed ahead and fire away to get rid of the bad guys. See what great upgrades and cars are waiting for you at the end of the line in the new version of the shooter game.

Genre: drive car games apocalyptic truck

Car Eats Car 2

Evil trucks are chasing you on a bumpy road, full of obstacles and platforms that will challenge you to the maximum. Get behind the wheel and survive the day to see where this great adventure takes you. Collect the precious stones and buy some useful upgrades from the shop if you want to increase your chances of winning the races. The coolest bombs and gadgets will make you unstoppable in this new sport game.

Genre: collect escape upgrades survive

Mister Bazooka

New groups of terrorists are in town, but fortunately you have Mister Bazooka on your side. He can help you fight throwing bombs and causing major explosions. Set the angle and the right distance, then kill the enemies that stand in your way. The limited number of shots will surely test your aiming skills in this new action game.

Genre: fire destroy physics explosion

TNT Zombies Level Pack

Scary zombies are in the way again and your task is to destroy them all. Each level is a challenge, use your strategy skills to plant the bombs and explode the blue blocks in order to change the mechanisms and kill all the zombies. Don't forget to take into account the different obstacles because the dynamite is limited. Take your time to figure out the best solution to finish the puzzle game.

Genre: bombs physics explosion dynamite

Stop GMO 2

The Genetic Modified Organisms are back and they are coming to kill you! Get into the role of the angry rabbit and shoot them using your guns. To last longer underground you have to get the ammo, first aid bags and the bombs that can explode a whole group of vegetables. The sacs of gold contain money that can help you upgrade your weapons in this exciting shooter game.

Genre: guns vegetables fire destroy

Made in Mafia

You were accepted in Marconi's family and you have to prove yourself worthy. Made in Mafia is a great action game in which you have to accomplish every mission. You are driving, shooting enemies and throwing bombs all at the same time. Upgrade your weapons, be the best and you will surely be rewarded by the mob.

Genre: guns mob weapons bombs

Fort Blaster Puzzle

In this game you are on the pirates side and they kidnapped your girlfriend so you need to get her back. Be fierce and destroy the enemies by shooting them. Place the cannon correctly using your skills and avoiding the structures.

Genre: bombs enemy cannon explosion

Pirates Arctict Treasure

Help the pirates get the arctic treasure by throwing it in the water where the pirates will pass with their ship. Find a solution to get the treasure in the ocean for every level. A pirates puzzle game with lots of challenging levels.

Genre: bombs gravity explosion physics