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bomb it 2 games

Navy vs Army

Start the navy vs army fight and control a part of them. Use bombs, new armament and ammo or try some traps. Use your logic skills and complete every level.

Genre: gravity skill funny phisycs

Slow and Blow Kings

Drop bombs on every island and kill the enemy. Try not to waste the ammo and collect the bonus points for various upgrades and better score. After you complete the levels advance to the next adventure.

Genre: puzzle island kings skill

River Wars

Enter the world of navy battles and handle armed ships. Arm the guns and aim straight to the enemy. Use your ammo wisely because you can’t shoot unlimited. Try to kill every enemy and advance to the next levels.

Genre: bomb destroy the castle trebuchet attack

Mr Vengeance Act 1

It’s time for your revange after your wife and daughter’s assassination by the local mafia. You have to infiltrate into their system and eliminate everyone. Use heavy guns and collect the ammo on your way. Don’t forget to find the extra health packs and search the bombs to break jamed dors or walls.

Genre: guns weapons revenge action

Bazooki a Silent Affair

Use your bazooka to destroy the TNT cargo. Be careful, you do not have to touch any active bomb, you don’t want to restart the level. Be smart and work with some background elements when you have obstacles in your way.

Genre: destroy skill puzzle explosion

Big Blocks Battle

Use the big gun to eliminate the blocks. Fight in this blocks battle and try to use a limited number of hits to earn bonus points and a record time. Start the heavy gun with your mouse and after you aim relase the trigger for a great explosion.

Genre: bombs destroy remove funny

WW2 Tank Rush

Back in the time of world war 2 you must rush past the enemy forces in an incredibly powerful and destructive tank. Grab some power-ups to enforge he tank and show the enemy soldiers exactly the kind of armageddon you can rain down upon them. Kill everything in your way and move around to get life bonuses and power-ups.

Genre: shooter army attack action

Bridge Tactics 2

In war you must always watch for traps while developing your own military tactics and traps to catch the enemy. Your job in this war is to make sure any troops want to pass the bridge will get caught and killed. Mount dynamite on the key spots of the bridge and detonate it when they are around. Do as much damage as you can to finish every level.

Genre: army physics strategy puzzle

Sieger Level Pack

You must destroy all the castles by finding their weak points and hit them. In every siege you must attack the castle carefully taking care of every solider in it so everyone can be killed when the castle goes down. Finish all the levels in the sieger level pack.

Genre: kill action hostage adventure

Mass Mayhem 3

Have fun and pump some adrenalin playing this adventure game. Be a kamikaze, customize yourself and start shooting people on the street. When you run out of options die with a grenade in your hand. May the best explosion win many points and cash.

Genre: action upgrade skill people