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BMX Freestyle

Carry out dangerous stunts on your bike in this new sports game and show off your BMX skills. Ride along the elaborate skate parks to collect points and do crazy tricks on ramps. Reach your target score before time runs out and you can unlock new bicycles, characters and areas. Finish your tasks fast and you will earn multiple points for your performance. Do you have what it takes to be a BMX freestyler?

Genre: collect stunts ride bike

Scooby Doo Beach Bmx

We like summer and we think Scooby Doo is a funny character to play with. Play bicycle games with scooby and explore the beach doing stunts and learning how to maintain balance on two wheels while making stunts in the air or going with high speed. Go Scooby!

Genre: kids cartoon funny stunt

Scooby BMX Action

Keep the bike going and leave the mummyes behind. Colect the bonuses on your way and enjoy the adventure with Sciby Doo, the fearless dog.

Genre: funny kids car games bike

Leap on Rock

Leap on rock is fast uphill dirt bike game that will challenge you to reach the other side of the rough terrain, keeping the bike steady on track. Score higher by doing a backflip at every opportunity.

Genre: trick mountain sport games bmx

BMX Master

Your objective in this BMX game is to become the next champion by performing mad tricks. The more flips and massive stunts you perform, the better you score and the more points you will gain.

Genre: bicycle championship sports games tricks

BMX Tricks

Perform your best BMX tricks to get the highest score.

Genre: skill sports games stunt old