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Fruit Blaster

Become a master of fruit slicing and avoid hitting the bombs in this fun puzzle game! Time is short, so you better chop all the fruits you can to get a high score and stay away from the bombs or you`ll lose points every time one explodes. Get delicious combos by slicing lots of fruits at the same time to boost your score. This blaster game is really worth playing.

Genre: bombs combo cut slash

Fort Blaster Puzzle

In this game you are on the pirates side and they kidnapped your girlfriend so you need to get her back. Be fierce and destroy the enemies by shooting them. Place the cannon correctly using your skills and avoiding the structures. This is a really good blaster game.

Genre: explosion enemy bombs cannon

Magic Blaster

We found for you a new blaster game. You are playing an old wizard using spells to get rid of his enemies and get treasures. Find out what spell you must cast and on which objects in order to generate a chain reaction that will lead to the destruction of your enemies. You got different types of magic spells and you are learning more over time. Use them according to every level's solution and don't waste your mana.

Genre: destroy treasure objects goblins

Fort Blaster - Ahoy There

Some rival pirates, a powerful cannon and a fortress in the middle of the sea, ready to be demolished. These are the ingredients of Fort Blaster - Ahoy There, a free adventure game that will challenge your ability to setup a cannon and shoot pirates.

Genre: bombs cannon enemy explosion

Bieb Blaster 2

Bieb Blaster 2 is a free action game in which you have to shoot Justin Bieber. Find the right angle and force to target Bieber with your grenade launcher. You might have to shoot some other objects to clear the way, be smart!

Genre: destroy explosion skill target

Mummy Blaster

You are in a search to find treasure, but mummies are everywhere. Use explosives to blast away all the mummies. Be careful not to run out of dynamite!

Genre: detonate bombs destroy explosives

Master Blaster

Proove your skills and control your truck on a bumpy track. Drive the master blaster and smash every obstacle in your way. Distroy every single car but use your handling skills to keep the truck intact, you don’t want to restart the level. Register a good time and advance to the next level.

Genre: destroy obstacle fire explozion

Building Blaster 2 Players Pack

Today we have a new blaster game. The Building Blaster returns for more C4-detonating chaos! Blow up and demolish all the buildings, squash your competitors, avoid hurting the civlilans and use your explosives wisely - your budget is tight!

Genre: dynamite fire puzzle bomb

Building Blaster 2

Figure out how to take each building down in this physics based puzzle game. Place bombs and tools to blast the buildings and clear the red zones. Use timing to your advantage, avoid civilians and try to get the enemy for bonus points. You have a wide range of different destructive devices at your disposal which you can unlock in the shop.

Genre: fire dynamite bomb puzzle

Building Blaster

Blast your way to victory in this explosive new puzzle game! Choose the strength of explosives, set their timers and sit back and watch the pieces fly! But don't go bomb crazy because this demolition simulation is not about mindless destruction.

Genre: bomb dynamite fire puzzle games