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Disaster Will Strike 6

We found for you a new birds game. Crack dinosaur eggs in this new part of the puzzle game Disaster Will Strike. Use all the natural disasters to move things around, comets to destroy walls or earthquakes to get rid of earth patches. Rescue the bird eggs and think of the right answer.

Genre: platform physics gravity skill

Disaster Will Strike Defender

Use natural disasters to stop the evil dinosaur eggs from destroying the bird eggs in this new puzzle game. Create earthquakes, winds, floods and landslides to smash your enemy to pieces. Save the bird eggs from extinction and don`t let the dinosaur ones win.

Genre: platform physics skill gravity


A chicken went into outer space in hopes to recover the missing eggs and needs your help to complete its mission. Launch the bird towards the spaceship and try to stay on the right track. Gather eggs and bonuses for a high score and use ricochets to reach the spaceship. Test your physics skills in this puzzle game and find the correct solution to each level.

Genre: gravity space physics planets

Dash Dash

Escape from an angry monster and run as fast as you can from it in this new puzzle game. Speed through the crazy maze, avoid all obstacles and help the funny bird get to the finish line. Collect coins to upgrade Dash`s running abilities and to unlock the other characters, Bash and Flash. Think fast and outrun your enemy before it`s too late.

Genre: unlock upgrades collect run

Up in the Sky

A curious bird discovers a mysterious island far away into the sky and he wants to get there no matter what! Set the launching power and get ready for a fun flight. Gather stars to gain money and speed on your amazing journey, but try to avoid the enemies because they can knock you down. Upgrading the bird will help you reach the exotic island where the cute little birdie is patiently waiting for you.

Genre: speed enemies collect hostile

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a really simple, yet challenging game that can become quite addictive. You need to safely guide the bird through a labyrinth of pipes without falling or going too high. It may seem easy, but it takes lots of practice and skill to make it through. One of the latest birds games.

Genre: labyrinth bird gravity physics

Unfreeze Me 3

Today we have a new birds game. The birds in this puzzle game are trapped in ice cubes and you must set them free! Use the cannon and shoot so that the pink liquid gets to the cubes, it's the only way to unfreeze the birds. The wooden objects and arrows will help redirect the liquid in the correct way, collect the bonuses for extra points and have fun making those birds fly again!

Genre: physics gravity ice solve

Captain Nutty

Our brave squirrel is going on a flying adventure with her great jetpack! Guide her through a world of obstacles, shoot the bees and birds that want to hurt you and collect as many acorns as you can. The bonuses and upgrades will help you travel a long distance and finish your important quest in the fun action game.

Genre: guns upgrades fuel collect

Crow in Hell Affliction

Today we have a new birds game. Hell is no place for an injured crow, she just has to pass all those obstacles and get out of there. Take an intense ride through the tunnels of hell and help the bird reach the checkpoints safe. You will need a lot of skill to fly in the right directions and collect the keys to freedom without hitting the walls or getting trapped. Good luck!

Genre: bird fly skill collect

Doctor Acorn - Birdy Levels Pack

Doctor Acorn is on a very important mission today, he has to heal the sick birds and save the world! Guide him through the obstacles, change the mechanisms and dodge the spikes so he reaches each checkpoint safe. The hidden pills are also important, collect them if you want to be the hero of this puzzle game.

Genre: skill physics mechanism interact