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Free Bike

Get up your bike and ride it to the finish. Collect the bonus stars on your way for bonus points and don’t miss the nistro bonus, it will help you jump over various obstacles. Try to register a good score and complete every level.

Genre: sports motocross car games freestyle

Soviet Bike

Handle the soviet bike and go past various obstacles from the soviet military camp. Use your skills and do not crash your motto. Hit the checkpoints, accelerate when you need, collect every bonus point and go to the next levels where your bike will meet new challanges.

Genre: motorcycle speed car games obstacle

Micro Bike Master

The toy motorcycle you received last christmas just came alive and runs around your desk fighting obstacles like paperclips, paper rolls and caps. Help him get to the finish of the level.

Genre: skill motorcycle sports car games

Bike Stunts Garage

Bike stunts in a garage that seems more like a car cementery. It's a real challenge and you must achieve all twenty victories in order to finish the game. Ride over obstacles while trying to keep your balance on the motorcycle.

Genre: ride drive stunt sports

Super Bike Ride

Meet the enduro world and ride the super bike on bumpy tracks. Use your handling skill to drive through the finish line by collecting money on your way. Spend the money on newer bikes or upgrades that helps you solve the next levels.

Genre: sports speed car games money

Desert Rage

Control your motorcycle on various hostile tracks through the desert . Mentain your equilibrum useing your keyboards and jump over every obstacles avoiding the restart of the level. Don’t forget to collect the bonuses on your way to have a good rank after you hit the finish line.

Genre: motorcycle obstacle sports moto

Ice Rider

Drive the moto through ice mountains in frozen decor, full of damaged terrain and hills. You got to get over them to the finish line as soon as possible. After every level you win a challenge and experience in driving a powerful motorcycle. Don`t crush the moto or you will lose a life.

Genre: speed obstacles bike hills

Devil`s Ride

Prepare yourself for a horror adventure and enjoy the devils ride! Accelerate and duck the obstacles. Collect the skulls on the track and recive more bonus points, meanwhile keep your motorcycle in balance and hit the finish line. In the end you can submit your score and find out how are you ranked in a virtual moto top.

Genre: rider moto sports ride

Hardcore Bike

Show you hardcore biker skills and jump over every obstacle: crashed cards, old creates or fallen trees. Wisely use key combinations and try to reach the checkpoints to start closer to the finish like if you crush your bike. Keep you balance on the motorcycle to finish this challenging adventure.

Genre: drive moto motorcycle sports

Atv Blitz

You have to drive atv cars on a route full of obstacles and hills. Accelerate the powerful engines and use nitro powers for turbo speed to finish levels quickly for more points. You can choose from many sport bikes and atv cars to drive. Be fast and... furious for driving sports.

Genre: atv car games bike sports