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Rock and War

You have to manage a rock war. Build generators and troops to defeat the rock enemies and keep your base safe. In order to continue shooting the enemies without being killed you got to move the troops forward and backward as well as you can build a back attack for more help.

Genre: adventure action units upgrade

Desert Rifle 2

Buy yourself weapons, ammo and mines before the battle. Place the mines based on a good game strategy and try to kill as many enemies as possible with them. If you won`t manage to destroy everyone by bombs, shoot them with the gun. Try to shoot everything in your way but watch your ammo, it`s expensive and limited.

Genre: weapon shooter upgrade gun

Monster Slayers

Fun and unique 2D strategy game. Lead your cute 5-man band on a quest to exterminate all the monsters in the land. Features random quests and 12 bosses. You can also pit your armies against your friends in the unique multiplayer mode!

Genre: action fight mission adventure


Another battle between humanity and machines goes to the end. Bunker is the last and only outpost that`s not controlled by machines. Once again, in this shoot'em up game, you are the last hope for mankind.

Genre: defense shooter games battle mission


Compete over 26 tracks, battle the walrus, the party balloon and the man eating skate haddock. 20 different bikes and riders can be unlocked in a quest to become the ultimate rider in this flash bike racing game.

Genre: boost speed sport games track

Lord Of War Campaign

The good days are over. The creeps are determined to prepare a campaign against the human race. Prepare your defense against the oncoming waves of creeps. Don't let them complete they're path. Do that by building your base that consist of defense towers along the way. Manage and upgrade them to get to higher levels.

Genre: defend defense action games tower

Squirt Man

A nuclear war has devastated the planet. Everyone and everything has mutated into horrible creatures. Kill everything that gets in your way and maybe you'll get through the holocaust alive.

Genre: survive nuclear zombie shooter games

Batman 3

Defeat the malefic associates of the Penguin Man and restore order in the city.

Genre: adventure games arcade old cartoon