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baseball games

Super Baseball

Genre: baseball boys casual sports

Zombie Shoot

Get your baseball bat and be ready to throw some zombie heads around in a really fun action game. Set the launching power and try to get a perfect hit, it will help you travel a longer distance. Collect the money and buy upgrades, loads of guns, hats and baseball bats are there to make you stronger and better at shooting zombies.

Genre: mission shoot upgrades monsters

Baseball Smash

Be an angry baseball player in free online sports games and smash everything starting with windows, buildings, cars, in order to have fun and score as much as you can. Don't stop until you destroy anything you can.

Genre: challenge swing strike baseball games

Diamonds and Dreams

Hit the baseball field and show us what you got. Collect points to solve the levels, you have limited balls so do not mess it up. Try the home runs and avoid sending the ball into the opponent’s hand. You can also hit the 2X or 3X bonus spaces. Use your mouse and your handling skill.

Genre: bat strike swing sports

Backyard Sports

Your task in this fun and exciting arcade style baseball action game is to join your favorite neighborhood team and play ball. Try to complete all 12 challenges with your baseball team to become the ultimate backyard champion. Wait for the ball to be thrown at you, then swing, and blow it out of the park.

Genre: ball challenge fun sports

Baseball Jam

Homerun heaven in this beautiful baseball game!

Genre: strike bat sport games swing

Baseball Juiced

Select your slugger, choose your personal training method and "shoot" for the record books. Hit as many as homeruns as you can each season and try to become the MVP.

Genre: swing bat strike sport games

Pinch Hitter

You are a pinch hitter, you have to hit pitchers best stuff and try to get the ball out of the park as many times as possible.

Genre: ball bat sports games baseball

Pingu Throw

Hit the penguin and throw him as far as you can. Hit him hard!!

Genre: snow adventure games action games winter