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Wonder Rocket

Prepare yourself for another fun adventure with aircrafts! Get on board and control the Wonder Rocket properly until you reach the destination. The balloons can make a lot of damage, avoid them and collect bonuses if you want to stay on track for longer. At the end of the day, the altitude and duration will bring you some money that can be spent on upgrades like fuel tank, boosters, armor and engine.

Genre: destination space collect rocket

Escapin' Bacon

The pig in this new action game wants to escape from the factory because he is going to be turned into bacon. Help him get his freedom back by jumping on platforms that you create along the way. Be careful and don't use the fire platforms, these will turn the piggy into tasty bacon. You can spend the coins on equipment or other improvements, parachutes, shields and flying balloons are waiting for you.

Genre: bounce collect skill flying

Amigo Pancho 3

Amigo Pancho, the awesome physics game, came back with a new adventure about Sheriff Sancho, a funny Mexican guy trying to escape from the desert. Help him defeat his enemies and use your skills to unlock his path to freedom in Amigo Pancho 3. Have fun figuring out the right and logical combinations in order to get to the next level.

Genre: balloon funny escape enemy

Balloons vs Zombies

A puzzle game with zombies and balloons. Get ready to find every level's solution to get rid of the zombies while keeping humans at safe place. Shoot knifes and use balloons to lift unwanted objects that won't let you kill zombies.

Genre: gravity save physics destroy

Sushi Cat 2 - The Great Purrade

Sushi Cat 2 - The Great Purrade is a funny puzzle game with a fat cat eating as much sushi as she can. Help her and her balloon physic laws to gather as much sushi as possible and pass the levels.

Genre: eat power-up bounce grow

Save the Dummy

You must save the dummy by letting him out of the game zone. The dummy can fly on balloons or fall down from the game, anyway you have to remove it. Make a plan in this great yet simple puzzle game and save the dummy.

Genre: logical gravity objects skill

Amigo Pancho 2 - New York Party

The second version of Amigo Pancho takes place in New York city. Clear the way for amigo pancho to fly as high as possible. A puzzle game based on physics that will challenge your ability to create chain reactions and eliminate unwanted objects from the scene. Release Amigo Pancho so he can fly in New York.

Genre: enemy balloon funny escape


Use the bubbles to bring down as many birds as you can. Every level became harder so you have to use your handling and patience. You have to complete every levels in order to advance to the next adventure.

Genre: skill bubbles funny balloons

Amigo Pancho

Help amigo Pancho to escape from the canion. He is hanging on two ballons, clear his way to the top by using your mouse in order to eliminate every obstacle. Click on plants, eagles or various sharpen things that may affect the mexican.

Genre: adventure escape cannon puzzle

Rise of the Castle 2

Defend you castle at any cost. Arm your cannons and shoot the enemies. Aim to the flying bombs, big rams or the flying balloons who is trying to knock down your walls. For every enemy killed you receive bonus points for upgrades. Buy new cannon balls or reinforce you walls. Fire up the battle field!

Genre: castle attack action defend