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My Friend Pedro

This action game will take your breath away with mind blowing stunts and challenging tasks! Practice your shooting skills and become the best assassin in town. Whoever stands in your way is an enemy so aim, shoot and kill without giving it a second thought. Collect the weapons, bonuses and get ready for some exciting shootouts.

Genre: enemies collect stunts assassin

Drawfender Level Pack

Going on a vacation is never a good idea when a bunch of assassins are after you. Drawfender comes back with new and exciting challenges! Draw shapes that will block your enemy's attacks and keep the brave philantropist safe once more.

Genre: gravity physics assassin games attacks

Hitstick Rebirth

A professional assassin gets the job done clean and fast, can you do that? Sneak up on the police, follow the directions and complete the missions. In order to stay alive you need to be focused and ready to shoot the targets if necessary. As you go further, the shooter game gets more and more challenging and exciting. Have fun!

Genre: action hitman kill target

Assassin's Greed

You were paid to kill the king, but first you must find your way out of the mysterious tunnels and rooms of the castle. Find the keys and reach the exits safe, you must be really careful because there are a lot of traps and spikes that can kill you. Jump on platforms, change mechanisms and complete the challenging missions like a professional assassin.

Genre: avoid castle skill jump


Two amateur assassins are coming to kill you, but luckily you can be one step ahead of them and survive their attacks. Exercise your skills and draw different objects that will block the bombs. Think twice about the solution of the puzzle and don't let the bad guys win!

Genre: attacks gravity physics block

Zassin: Stick Guy Assassin

Never put your guard down in this action game because assassins are coming to kill you. They are loaded with weapons so you better watch out and react fast. Only your skills can save you, press the right arrow in the shortest amount of time and take down all the enemies. This assassin game is really worth playing.

Genre: attack skill weapons combo

Deadly Venom SA

You are in the role of an assassin that has to go deeper and deeper in Dinasty Industries and discover the enemy's plans. In this great action game you have to use your skills to attack and kill the guards, figure out codes to open doors and collect the items placed in different areas. The costumes and weapons you find will get you faster at the end of your mission.

Genre: skill mission weapons guards

Deadly Venom 3

We found for you a new assassin game. The third part of Deadly Venom came with a sexy killer skilled in back stab, deadly but silent blows and hiding strategy. You must command the killer woman in order to finish her deadly missions without dying. Be silent and hide from everyone while killing the enemy.

Genre: weapon skill guards enemy

Mr Vengeance Act 1

It’s time for your revange after your wife and daughter’s assassination by the local mafia. You have to infiltrate into their system and eliminate everyone. Use heavy guns and collect the ammo on your way. Don’t forget to find the extra health packs and search the bombs to break jamed dors or walls.

Genre: revenge weapons action guns

Ninja Katana

Slice, Dice, and Destroy hordes of enemy ninjas in this all-out combo-fest. Enter Marseilles, a hired Ninja Assassin. Fight across 16 levels of progressively stronger ninjas as you upgrade your character to untold levels of greatness. With plenty of Sword, Blade weapons and Projectiles at your disposal, you can craft and create the perfect warrior. A popular assassin game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: action blood blade projectile