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Snoring 3 Treasure Island

Funny animals, treasures and colorful islands make this puzzle game fun all the way! The objective is to knock over and wake up the snoring elephant. Use giraffes, pigs, owls and many others to reach the elephant and collect the coins. All the animals have a different type of action, snakes can be used as trampolines, cows can roll over. Figure out the right solution and enjoy the crazy treasure island!

Genre: puzzle physics gravity skill

Sewer Escape 2

They are a greedy group of hamsters that ate radioactive food. An accident? Armed with new intelligence and a sophisticated lab, they start looking towards the outer space. What lies above, will be revealed after this final experiment!

Genre: endless hamster runner invent

Furry Fighter

The Cat God is giving you his special powers so you can fight and win the wrestling championship. Train yourself on poles and learn how to use your claws, then face your opponents and win the match. To be a stronger cat you can upgrade your health, power or speed and even buy new equipment like boots, spikes or helmets. The arena is waiting for you!

Genre: animals upgrades wrestling opponent

Back to Zombieland

Humans are chasing you with forks because you are a zombie, so run fast in order to escape them. Use your weapons to kill the enemies and crush the animals that stand in your way. Travelling a long distance and collecting coins will add up to your final score and don't forget about the bonuses. These will help you survive longer along the road because they provide ammo and shields that protect you. Run into the shop and upgrade your stamina, running speed and launching power to have better chances at winning the action game.

Genre: enemy powerups obstacles traps

Piggy Wiggy Seasons

The hungry piggies are back in a puzzle game with new and challenging levels. Your job is to feed them so use the ropes and mechanisms to help them reach the acorns. The spikes are harmful, give your best to avoid them and figure out the best solution to pass all the obstacles.

Genre: cords links collect acorns

Redneck vs Zombies

Some strange animal zombies attack you when you are about to go hunting. Prepare your weapons by upgrading them in the hunting shop and get ready for a great action game. Shoot the zombies and try to kill them before they get to your barricade because it won't last for long.

Genre: guns enemy upgrade fire

Mutant Fighting Cup

You are thrown in the arena so you have to fight evil mutant creatures. Create the structure of your DNA including genes that make you strong and powerful. With each battle you win, these will be upgraded so your new powers will get you one step closer to winning the whole championship.

Genre: championship strategy upgrades genes

Home Sheep Home 2 - Lost Underground

When Shaun thought about escaping the pasture he didn't expect to get underground. How he must escape, along with his friends, from this dangerous and complicated adventure. Use every sheep's property, some are light while others are taller, a little detail like this might help you escape a level.

Genre: animals puzzle funny adventure

Effing Worms 2

Effing Worms 2 came with new challenges, a hungry and dangerous worm that will eat anything in its way and a simple objective: kill, eat, evolve and kill again. Keep the worm alive and stay away from bombs while eating people, animals or flying rainbow cats in Effing Worms 2.

Genre: people horror evolve eat

A Pig in a Poke

You must save the kitten by shooting the cannon ball or sometimes the kitty into the rescue bag. Use your abillity to solve puzzles in order to get the right solution. You can break things with your mouse and you can set the cannon and shoot it.

Genre: funny physics gravity animals