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ambulance games

Mad Doctors

The mad doctors are mad drivers as well, they start the engine of the ambulance and accelarate it until they get to the hospital. It doesn't matter how many people get killed by the car, how much damage it made to the city or how the ambulance looks after the madness race. Race that ambulance with the made doctors and just do as much damage as you can. A popular ambulance game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: destroy drive speed obstacle


In this physics based puzzle game, you must click on fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and platforms as you try to make all of the evil vehicles fall off the screen.

Genre: puzzle parking truck platform

Ambulance Frenzy

Your mission in this game is to get the patients back to the hospital as soon as possible. As you are driving a hummer ambulance with a open cabin, try not to loose them on the way or harm them more than they already are. One of the latest ambulance games.

Genre: skill sports speed track

Ambulance Rush

Help doctors to catch as many insane dudes as possible. In order to complete this mission you can crash everything you see in this amazing stunt racing game.

Genre: sport games race stunt track