Recommended addictive games (25 results)

addictive games

Word Wood

Genre: arcade puzzle addictive

Kids Jump

Today we have a new addictive game.

Genre: addictive kid jump action

Crazy Scientist

Genre: addictive action adventure fun

Medieval Battle

Yet another addictive game!

Genre: magic addictive clicker color

2048 Shooter

A very fun addictive game.

Genre: merge puzzle shooter addictive

Amazing Bubble Breaker

Genre: addictive breaker bubble pop

Color Switch: Challenges

Glide upwards to win in Color Switch: Challenges! This arcade game is loaded with addictive puzzles. Bounce into matching colors, collect stars, and touch the finish line. It's that simple! But, each new level has more obstacles than the last!

Genre: color ball games switch, physics games

Crystal Masters Arena

Another game from the addictive game category. Join crystal masters around the world in this epic multiplayer tournament held every year in Bryshire Castle. Your host: Dalfin Dobra, the young, powerful, free-spirited and of course ludicrously wealthy, wizard. Supporting actors: Morvran Gruffmarble, the unconventional inventor, and Knittle, the black cat with a secret. Crystal Masters Arena is an insanely addictive multiplayer game of skill and strategy. Play now!

Genre: match combo bonus jewels


Do you want to be a math wizard? Then prepare to merge tiles of identical numbers until you get 2048. Make sure you always have two tiles of the same number so that you can win this super addictive game.

Genre: merge combine tiles numbers

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a really simple, yet challenging game that can become quite addictive. You need to safely guide the bird through a labyrinth of pipes without falling or going too high. It may seem easy, but it takes lots of practice and skill to make it through.

Genre: gravity bird labyrinth physics