Recommended 2 player games (50 results)

2 player games

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm is one of the best multiplayer browser games available. Join the fight between thousands of players all around the world, a fight for gold, sea and aquatic monsters. Get ready to be a true pirate and get into the pirate storm.

Genre: sea ocean treasure enemy

Baseball Smash

Be an angry baseball player in free online sports games and smash everything starting with windows, buildings, cars, in order to have fun and score as much as you can. Don't stop until you destroy anything you can.

Genre: target swing challenge strike

Coal Express 5

The fifth version of coal express came with old school trains that carry coal on hills. Command the train carefully so you won't lose the load and deliver it at the end of every level. Free online train games can be fun if you are a patient player.

Genre: factory drive transport wagon

Knight Age Christmas

A Christmas edition of the jousting game, Knight Age. Select a player, the best horse and race at your opponent, aim and inflict massive damage to win the joust. Earn money for it and buy upgrades for your knight.

Genre: adventure upgrade skill action

The Resistance

This is a shooting game where the player incarnates a young revolutionary who's trying to raise chaos in a lost city. Take control of the street and protect your barricade. Stop the waves of authorities from breaking through, upgrade your barricade and your home made gun.

Genre: defend grenade baricade attack

Badass Builder 2

The second version of Badass Builder is one of the coolest free online shooting games and upgrade games in the latest time. Without complicated graphics, Badass Builder 2 actualy helps the player feel the game and every shot is felt as every picked up coin. Shot all the mutant soliders around you and collect money for their death. Using that you must upgrade your abilities and buy new, improved equipment for your badass missions.

Genre: mutants guns mission upgrade

Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack

Destroy the castles on your map and kill every soldier in it. Don’t let them win and try not wasting the ammo. Upgrade the siege weapons, learn how to use the catapul and march on the battle field for some glorious victories.

Genre: building structure physics action

Cover Orange Players Pack 2

Use your great puzzle solving skills to cover the orange players. If they get touched by the acid rain they will melt. Place every piece of wood like a puzzle to make a closed space where the orange players can avoid rain.

Genre: puzzle physics gravity funny

Bomb It 3

A better, multiplayer, Bomberman, this time online. There are 4 modes of play based on different skills from strategy to fast handling, 4 level decorations to smooth your actions and 4 player looks to choose from. Put bombs to make your path to the enemy and kill him with all your weapons. Stay away from mounted bombs because they will kill you almost instantly.

Genre: fire adventure strategy action


Seafight is a multiplayer online game with pirates. Like a ship commander you must be a great seafighter but also a strategical planner. Come into the world of pirates to conquer all the seas of the world commanding your ship. Fight other player's ships, big and dangerous sea monsters or even your best friend's ship if you find it on the map, because in Seafight you can invite all your friends to play with you. Improve your ship, complete missions, find new monsters and pass the pirate test to get to the next level. The best pirate game is waiting for you here, play Seafight now!

Genre: captain mmo bigpoint ship commander